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Natalie Zarra Walk the runway Anthony Rubio Designs NYFW 2020 At Tals Studio Photo By Yoni Levy

When it works, It really works

I love to coordinate the garments of the canine models with those of the human models. I even like to create contrasts. I tend to shy away from matchy matchy but when the fabrics speak to me, all I can do is listen and create.

Here we have a winning combination that truly looks regal while at the same time contemporary and sensual. My creations have to trigger the imagination. I want you to imagine. Who could wear that? Where would they be going? Can My bestie and I look that fabulous?

If you missed the premiere, you may watch it here:

To donate, visit:

Model: Natalie Zarra

Canine Model: Kimba

Beauty team led by

Blu Stephens

Photo by Yoni Levy at Tals Studio

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